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About eZy Watermark Photos

Worried that your photographs might get stolen? Or that someone might use them for social media? Not anymore, as eZy Watermark Photos gives you the security measure you need to protect what is rightfully yours. You can use your name, signature, logo, copyright and even trademark to create watermark on photos.

eZy Watermark Photos offers you the optimal solution of capturing, watermarking the photos and sharing them swiftly. You’ll find this app easy-to-use and loads of watermarking options along with a friendly-user interface make it a joy to use.

Here are a number of reasons why you should have eZy Watermark Photos:

One of its many great features, it allows you to create customized templates and save them. You can then use these custom templates to remember your watermarks and their position. So, every time you use these templates, it will automatically set the position of the watermark. You can use this on one picture or a number of pictures.

There is no limitation as to how many pictures you want to watermark. So, simply design your watermark and apply it on as many pictures as you like.

This user-friendly app for watermark on photos gives you the choice to add watermark using Text, Signature, QR code, Logo, Copyright and Trademark etc. You can add signature to create watermark with additional options to adjust opacity, auto-alignment, rotation and position.

Need to edit your pictures before applying watermark? Feel free to; crop, apply black & white filter and rotate the image according to your needs.

You have a lot of features to play with, such as regulating opacity, drop shadows and choosing from a wide arrange of colors. You can also utilize the previously used watermarks.

Now, you can import from Camera, your phone’s Library as well as social media you like such as;
• Google Drive
• Facebook
• Instagram
When you are done watermarking your photos, you can Export the edited photos to your phone library or any social media you like.

Don’t you worry about the photographs as eZy Watermark Photos does not alter original photos. When you apply watermark for those apps, a copy of photograph with watermark is saved. You can also:
• Import and Export with ease
• Change pen thickness while adding autograph
• Add shadow to the watermark text if you desire
• Grace your photographs using emoticons, fun kits, cartoons, stickers etc.
• Saves photographs in three different resolutions

eZy Watermark Photos is a great experience that adds fun with its intuitive design and fresh colors.

You want us to broadcast you on Facebook? Just follow the link:
https://www.facebook.com/eZywatermark/ and we will broadcast your best photographs there.

We are always excited to hear from you. Have an idea for a cool feature? You can help us shape it. Submit it to:
[email protected]

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EZy Watermark Photos Mod
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10 October 2021
Geoffrey Antonini
I did so it within 5 minutes to have free in app purchase to my EZy Watermark Photos account. It really doesn't have survey or human verification like other does. They only implement captcha from google. Its really easy to set up image there.
14 October 2021
Shirely Fogelman
Really great hack for EZy Watermark Photos. It works without glitch
18 October 2021
Mika Carmel
Amazing EZy Watermark Photos hack tool I ever found. I've tried so most of them but they are not working! but THIS!!. It working like as charm!
21 October 2021
Ozie Yerkes
Hopefully, this hack would stay longer in 2021 as I have to be the best player of most.: D
22 October 2021
Casey Winterbottom
This really is freaking awesome.. everyone enjoys this tool.
23 October 2021
Shondra Maller
Man.. this is kind of masterpiece. I cannot believe it! This is my third time by using this..
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Roberta Graffagnino
No jailbreak or root process required. This is what we have dreaming for.
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No survey or human verification required!! It even does not require rooting of your phone
05 November 2021
Toya Seder
OMG! This is what I am looking for whenever I would like to play EZy Watermark Photos. Its not that hard to use.
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Oma Greenen
I recently got an info from my friend's facebook wall that he shared this hack. I gotta check it and I got free in-app purchase package to my EZy Watermark Photos account.
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I will be speechless after using this tool. It works 100% with no glitch. Totally different with others.
02 December 2021
Corene Mays
No one cannot resist this tool since it works online without download
02 December 2021
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