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About Dragon Whiz

Dragon Whiz is a fun maths game for the whole family, from 6 years old onwards!

Fly with Drake the Red Dragon and his friends, and scare your fear of maths away!
Answer the maths questions by picking up the right eggs with your dragon.
For each good answer, a baby dragon will follow you.

Try to form the longest chain of dragons within the time limit.
Avoid the wrong answers or you will lose your babies and some precious seconds...

Beat your high score and climb the leaderboard by solving harder questions. Compare yourself with the rest of the world!
Collect golden gems to earn more points.

Play and fly with new dragon skins and backgrounds, and have more fun!

The game has 3 levels, from simple additions, subtractions to multiplications and divisions.

Easy mode: only simple additions and subtractions
Normal mode: additions, subtractions and time tables
Advanced mode: all the operations with multiple digits

Enjoy practicing your mental maths skills while flying mythical dragons!

Maths made fun!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @dragon.whiz
For more information: www.dragonwhiz.com

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