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The more you play Buried Treasure!, the more you get fun in your life. This game has been downloaded over million users and keep counting all the time. You can play this game either in easy or hard way. We have provided it for you here. All you need to do is to have a look at this one and also thank you for Four And A Half Games to produce such as a great game to go.
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About Buried Treasure!

Use a metal detector to explore the beaches of a mysterious island and uncover treasures buried beneath the surface. Start out with a basic detector and sell treasures along the way to upgrade your detector.

Buried Treasure features:

- Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap and hold to collect as many treasures as you can!
- Upgrade your detector to find more valuable items and explore farther
- Encounter unique and exciting enemies along the way.
- 6 unique metal detectors and over 30 rare treasures to be discovered

Can you find all the treasures hidden away? Get Buried Treasure now!

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Buried Treasure! Mod
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