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About Auslan Storytime

Auslan Storytime is aimed at children who sign or are learning to sign who enjoy having stories told to them in Auslan.

The stories are mainly aimed at younger children who are still acquiring Auslan. We have carefully chosen RIDBC students to tell the stories in their own words in a way that younger children would enjoy.

The app is also beneficial to parents or teachers wanting to learn more about how to tell stories in Auslan in a way that is interesting for young children to watch.

When you click on a story, you have two options. One is to watch the story being told. The other is to watch an Auslan tips video. In this video, a native Deaf signer explains some of the ways the RIDBC students have made their stories interesting to children and how the grammar of Auslan is used in the stories, such as changing the directions of verbs or using constructed action. This helps parents or teachers learn more Auslan to be better able to read stories to their own children or students.

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